Beautiful living rooms with fireplaces

Nothing makes a room more comfortable than a fireplace. Whether your style is modern, traditional, country, or something completely different, a living room with a fireplace is more welcoming than another.

Contemporary living room fireplace

A fireplace doesn’t have to stand out to make an impact. The modern fireplace in this neutral living room by Elms Interior Design blends in with its surroundings mainly because there is no fireplace. The box fits perfectly into the stone wall without drawing attention to itself.

Glass living room fireplace

Fireplaces should by no means be traditional. This contemporary piece from Acucraft Fireplaces has surrounded by a glass envelope that reaches the ceiling. The look is modern and unique.

Fireplace with integrated shelves

Incorporating a small fireplace into a shelving unit is a great way to add warmth to a family or modern living room. In this room designed by John Lum Architecture, he divides the two sides of the built-in wardrobes, creating a sense of balance and symmetry.

Copper fireplace

A copper fireplace surround is a unique design feature in this cozy living room from Lda Architecture and Interiors. The warm finish and special application add a handcrafted element to this eye-catching focal point.

White painted brick fireplace.

To paint the brick or not to paint the brick? So many people hesitate to do this, but here designer Jessica Its proves. So that when a brick fireplace is painted correctly, it can integrate seamlessly into a room’s design. Just make sure that when you paint brick, you have sure you want to do it because after the brick is painted, it is tough to bring it back to its natural look.

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