How to decorate your home from scratch (easier than you think)

1. Determine your decorating style

If you can define the design style you want for your home interior, you’re halfway there! A simple rule of thumb is to use the same style for the interior as for the exterior of the house.

2. Break your new interior design plan by room

The fastest way to feel overwhelmed by a new empty house is to try decorating the whole house at once. Prioritize the rooms that matter most to you and create a decorating plan, one room at a time!

3. Start with the largest piece in the room.

Now that you’ve broken down your decorating plan for one room at a time, take the same concept and focus on finding the most important element in the room.

4. Take advantage of the experts

Many stores offer a free (or low-cost) design service to their customers. Most employ design professionals to help you make the right choice, the first time. Their advice can save you a lot of time and money.

5. Painting is your new best friend

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to transform a blank canvas is to paint it! Repaint each room with a color of your choice. This is no time to be careful: choose a vibrant, bold or rich color.

6. Overlap each piece over time

Decorating your new home is a marathon, not a sprint. As you spend more time in your new home, you will get to know it better. You may have some new ideas on how a part looks and works in a few months, so don’t rush to do it all at once!

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